Measurement tool bug (3095 build)

After using a Measurement tool once, the other tools don’t work. I noticed this on Hand (with space) and Select tools. This was not the case in the previous build.

MacOS 10.13.6
Glyphs 3 (3095)

Works for me in 3095 on macOS 11.5. How do you activate the Measurement tool? By holding down Command-Option-Control or by selecting it from the toolbar?

Do you need to restart Glyphs for the other tools be be available again or does something else work for you?

Yes, I select it from the toolbar.

And yes, I need to restart Glyphs.

What exactly happens when you click another tool? What happens when you press Command+Option+Control?

I’m om 10.13.6 also and everything reported works just fine for me.

Apparently there was a bug on my side. Today I restarted, checked, everything is okay.

I will delete this thread, so as not to disturb anyone.