Measurement tool

First, I wanted to say how much I like the measurement tool. So simple and powerful.

Some small wishes and thoughts:

(1) When double-clicking a glyph while in the measurement tool, it would be nice if this activated that glyph. Just like in the select tool.

(2) I would leave away the minus in the red difference figures. I do not think this information is relevant (also, it is obvious).

(3) To go one step further, for purely vertical or horizontal elements, the zero could be dropped, to un-clutter the interface even further. One could even make all the red figures absolute distance values instead of two-dimensional diff information, I personally would find that more useful.

Will add that This is sometimes helpful to see if a line is lightly slanted to the left or right. I don’t think that is helpful. I use it to determine the angle of a segment and that information would be lost.