Mekkablue scripts: major update

Many of you are using the mekkablue scripts. Please be aware that starting today, over the coming weeks, the repository will undergo a major cleanup and update.

The changes are for the better, I hope. :slight_smile: There will be a couple of cases where a single GUI will replace a bunch of scripts. But many outdated or too-specialised scripts will be kicked out.

So, if you are missing functionality, please let me know here and we will find a solution.


Rainer, I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing scripts you’ve developed. I’ve seen a video of some conference where you giggled at the sight of people using your scripts — there are far more than you think :slight_smile: Thanks so much for your great work!


Rainer’s scripts are some of the most useful for me. I depend on them. Happy to see they are being updated.



Most new scripts are in place now, I am still going through them, updating and unifying the names. Will update the readme soon.

If you are missing a script you have been using a lot:

  1. Let me know here.
  2. Most removed scripts found a new home in my ‘GitHub gists’:
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Unless you have other plans for it, please put Select Same Color back. It’s one I use often.

I moved the Select scripts to the GitHub gist, they are now available here:

Personally, I have smart filters in the sidebar corresponding to each color label… It’s usually quicker to click that than find the script.

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Thank you Rainer!!! This is awesome!


Thanks Rainer, that’s great! Any chances Find and replace in Instance parameters will be ported to the new repo too?

It is now in the Font Info submenu.

Thanks! Is it there already? I can only see three scripts and none of them is the Find and replace one

It is there:

Did you update the scripts? And you are in the mekkablue scripts, right? (Not the schriftlabor scripts.)

It is! I updated but then forgot to reload scripts. :sweat_smile:

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Amazing Rainer, thank you!!

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Simply amazing @mekkablue !!! Thank you in so so so many ways man!!

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Hi Rainer, can you check and verify if the Hinting/Remove PS Hints script is working on Glyphs 3.
It’s not for me so I’m using it in G2 and get the pop up dialogue box – which isn’t appearing in G3.

I think he’s fixed that one:

Did you do a git fetch/pull in the Scripts folder?

and you get the pop up dialogue now?

I’ve refreshed the scripts via Plugin/Scripyts and GitHub. Restarted, still no luck.
I’ve done the work, so I’m not overly concerned.

This one works well, for me.

Screenshot 2020-11-27 at 16.56.48

OK. I don’t get that. At least I know it’s my set up then. :slight_smile: