Mekkablue's Set Kerning Groups

Hey there,

I’d like to run the «Set Kerning Group» Script but it doesn’t function. I’m currently using Glyphs Version 2.6.6 and I followed all steps described in the YouTube tutorial (mekkablue scripts 01: Install and Update - YouTube) for installing the mekkablue scripts; modules are installed and I did run App > Update git Repositories in Scripts Folder. Other scripts such as Guides > Remove Local Guides in Selected Glyphs do work.
My Python version is also up to date (2.7).

Can someone help met out?

You need to select the glyphs first. Then run the script. It will only set groups for selected glyphs.

Perfect! Thanks a lot. Rookie mistake.

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I’ll put in a report dialog that gives you statistic, and warns you if nothing was selected.