Memory usage while editing .glyphsproject file

I am using Glyphs 3.1 (3133) on a M1 MacBook Air. When I am editing a .glyphsproject file the RAM consumption of Glyphs keeps increasing, eventually using it all it up. The only solution is to periodically quit Glyphs and restart.

This can be replicated by creating a new .glyphsproject file and then adding some exports and custom parameters while Activity Monitor is open. Each time a parameter is added and edited you will see the RAM usage increase. Saving the file doesn’t free up the RAM, neither does closing the file.

I can’t reproduce this. Activity monitor shows 143 MB after adding several instances and custom parameter and exporting the font a few times. And the developer tools don’t show any leaks. Can you send me a file that shows this problem.

And actually running out of memory would need to go up to several GB. That would need a very serious memory leak.

I can send a file when I get a moment. How is the best way to get it to you?

Send a link (Dropbox os similar) in a direct message or by email to support at this domain.
And send the .glyphs file and the .glyphsProject file.

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Also, send over a list of any plugins you might have installed and enabled.

I’ll send something next week after I am clear of this client deadline. Thanks.