Menu naming problems


I have a problem with my font.
I can’t understand what is happening with my black italic.

This is photoshop

In design

It’s the first time that happened me.

Thanks so much in avdvance

I really don’t know what’s wrong

Can you send me the .glyphs file to support (at) (this website without www)? I’ll have a look.

I had a look. Two mistakes:

  1. The (Upright) Bold is not style-linked with the Regular. This is how it should look:

  2. The Bold-Italic should also be style-linked with the Regular:

Then the menu behaves as expected:

Thank you very much.
I tryed in other computer, and works ok.
In my computer doesn’t work good, but…

Maybe is a problem of cache


I used the in design’s font folder and works fine.
Maybe the problem is the apple fontbook.

Yes! Always use the Adobe Fonts folder:

Perhaps also read this tutorial about potential font cache problems:

Yes, I used this script, but nothing happened.
But… it’s ok, the problem is solved.

Thank you very much.


It happend again. I don’t know what I am doing bad, but my menus are always give me the same problem.:cry:

Please send the .glyphs file to support (at) (this website without www).

I had a look at your files, and I found two problems again:

  1. many of the italic weights are set to Weight: Regular with weight class 400.
  2. some weights share the same weight class (grey number next to the Weight popup), consider the use of the weightClass parameter.

This is explained in the third MM tutorial, please pay special attention to the section titled Take Complete Control of Font Menu Order:

Thank you very much, it work perfect.
Thanks a lot.

And Merry Christmas for you and your family, Rainer