Menu Naming Question

It’s probably been discussed before but can’t find the posts.
I have 5 fonts in two styles in one family (Style A & B)
I would like to deploy it like this:

Family name

A thin
A Extralight
A Light
A Regular
A medium
B thin
B Extralight
B Light
B Regular
B medium

but unfortunately this is how it comes out
Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 13.51.33

It’s probably best to split your fonts into two families, Family A and Family B. That works across most applications.

Yes, that’s what I did for a previous typeface but I find it cumbersome to switch from one family to another. I was hoping there was a way to keep them all under one family

You need to add some information that distinguishes the two groups. You can try a different width class or add a size feature.

can you expend a bit more on the size feature ?

OpenType Feature File Specification | afdko

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If you really want to keep it in the same submenu, try different width classes for A’s and B’s. I recommend Medium Normal (5) for A, and something higher, e.g., Semiexpanded (6) for B. This will work in Adobe apps.

No guarantee for CoreText apps or anything else, though.