Menu order

AFAIK FontNuke is out of date. Wouldn’t surprise me if it doesn’t work properly anymore.

Thanks, Rainer and Georg. I have retired FontNuke and will adopt Georg’s method.

Same problem. Although style linking is OK, name is short - Italic is the first in the font menu. Any idea out there?

What is the fonts’ width and weight class?

Hurai!!! Just found the error which is all mine! The Italic had Zero Italic angle. As i changed to 12 degrees - it appears now after the regular in the font menu. Thanks a lot.

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BTW - width and weight are both Regular.

It should suffice to style-link the italic with the upright, like This is the Italic of Regular.

Yes but still, it only worked after I added the italic angle.

Something apps do the strangest things.

Can you send me your .glyphs files? To (res) at (this domain without www or forum).