Merge Color Font from two separate files

Hello, recent convert to glyphs here (yesterday), so please forgive me if this is a naive question. Really enjoying it though!

I’m trying to build a Layered Color font, but I have already drawn the individual layers in Robofont. Is it possible to merge two .ufo’s together so that they become two separate layers in a single file without copying/ pasting individual glyphs? Both files share the same metrics / kerning.


Yes. Open both .ufos and in Font Info > Masters > plus button in the lower right choose “Add other font” and pick the other font. Thats merges the two files. Then read this:

Amazing, thank you so much for your speedy response Georg.

Had the layering section figured out due to your comprehensive tutorial sections, just needed to figure out the merging. I had previously built a place in new layer tool for robofont, but in Glyphs, color fonts are much easier.

I really like the community here, consider me a convert!

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