Merge different masters into one

Hello, is there any way how to copy all paths of one master onto seccond one (without loosing its original paths)?
I have two masters: 1) sans serif base, 2) decorative layer that should overlay the first one.
I just wish to merge theese two masters into one…

I don’t understand what you are trying to do. Can you post some screenshots?

It’s not complicated, I will try to show it on one letter:

This is the base (first master)

and decor (second master)

And this is what I want to achieve (I’m looking for different way than copy/paste every each letter to save the time):

mekkablue’s invaluable “Copy Layer to Layer” script can help with this.

Yes, thanks! It works. I knew about this script, but only now I see that it has function “Keep target layer content”.

Or with Paste Special (Cmd-Opt-V).

With “Paste Special” I can’t see there any option like “Keep target layer content”. It just replace current paths.

Or did I miss something?