Merge­Glyphs for G3?

Is there a MergeGlyphs for G3 in the works?

In the meantime, is there a script someone can recommend for comparing glyph differences between two fonts?

You can use the Compare Fonts (or something) menu item in Glyphs.

Ah yes, there is that which is quite similar to MG.

It’s a bit of a manual process though of selecting and checking each master per font, I wish it would somehow tell you which masters differ and give some sort of quick readout or an open in editview option…anyway, this is probably something better to use a script for.

What exactly are you trying to compare? You can also look into the Compare Frontmost Fonts submenu in the mekkablue scripts.

I want to compare what changes occur to a glyph and in what master after I run a script.

So then I could compare two files:
Font 1 (original)
Font 2 (ran script)

With the output being something along the lines of: between Font 1 and 2 the outlines/metrics/anchors changed for “A” in the Bold master…then open it up in edit view.

In Wei’s scripts, there seems to be what I am looking for but it’s not in the repo.

In Compare Frontmost Fonts there is the one that compares metrics but is there one that can compare changes in outlines?

Just an idea. What if there was a panel that had all the options in Compare Frontmost Fonts so then you can select what to compare?
Compare Panel
• Outlines
• Metrics
• Anchors
• Sidebearings
• Kerning Groups
• etc…

Edit > Compare Fonts… compares, among other things, outlines.

With Edit > Compare Fonts, it’s not immediately obvious which set of masters have things that are different. You would have to manually go master by master.

I like how in your Compare Frontmost Fonts the Compare Metrics outputs like this so you can tell which glyph in which master has a difference:

/A : widths: 593.0 <> 600.0 (Regular)
/A : widths: 600.0 <> 650.0 (Bold)

Maybe I’ll try to tweak that for a Compare Outlines version.