Merge Glyphs not showing all problems

Hey there,

I’ve been working in a type design project and I needed to compare a new version of the design (made with Glyphs 2.5) with an archive I had in the back-up folder (made with Glyphs 2.4). The thing is that I wanted to assure myself I had all the metrics at the same value in both masters and it wasn’t like that, I accidentally changed a few of them in the new archive and when I compared both archives in Merge Glyphs there wasn’t a report for these problems.

Did someone else noticed this problem? I thought I may be a problem with the new archives done with Glyphs 2.5 but I don’t know what is happening.

Thank you so much in advance.

Can you send me the files that I can have a look?

Hi Georg,

I’m sorry it’s a confidential project and I’m not authorized to send you the files. However, I can tell you it had to do with components. I had problems with characters like dcaron, lcaron, tcaron. Maybe there’s a problem of compatibility of how 2.4 and 2.5 understand components and their metrics. Can be that?

Thank you.