Metrics =+ causes crash

The latest Cutting Edge (1049) crashes when I try to insert a metrics key of auto plus something, so for instance =+10

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More precisely, it crashes when i have two instances or more of the glyph in the edit view. When I have only one it works fine, at least for me.

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Thanks for reporting, will look into it.

I could not reproduce this. Could you send a screen screen recoding and the file you used?

Ok actually it seems to only crash when I change the metrics of the second instance. This is on 1053.
In this gif I just press Shift+Up in the RSB field of the second instance of a glyph and it crashes instantly. I can send you the file if you like.

The file would be very helpful.


Thanks. I got the file. And finally can reproduce the crash. It only happens, if the glyphs is in the edit view twice. So, if you type /n/n/lslash/n/n, then it doesn’t crash (at least not for me).

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