Metrics discarded in variable font

I’ve been working on a simple variable font for some time, and while all Adobe apps seem to dislike it, the web appeared to do fine. I recently revisited it, and now it seems metrics aren’t updated across masters on export. While the shape interpolates from master to master, the metrics remain static. (making the glyphs wander around when interpolating)

All looks fine within Glyphs itself though, and I’ve tested it using AxisPraxis/Fontdrop and a custom tester. This used to work correctly before though, so am I missing something?

There is a problem with components in variable font in CoreText in MacOS.
What Glyphs version do you have?

Version 2.5.1 (1135) Updated just to be sure it wasn’t something already fixed.

I took a peek and this is indeed the issue, when I use the non-component characters all works as intended.