Metrics Groups: Different for every Master?

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while i was working on putting some ligatures into metrics groups, i found out that it did not work for both masters. originally i did this with the ‘light’-master and then looking at the ‘bold’-master i found out the bold metrics were not defined as being in this very group.

for some lubalinesque reason I created a A_R ligature.
so, the metrics value would be A (left) and R (right).

do i really have to do this for every master?
doesn’t glyph automatically do this?

PS: still working in glyphs 1.4.3 (586) – mea culpa

Why not at least update to 1.4.5?

This is done automatically in G2. Create A_R, decompose, and LSB will be =A and RSB will be R. The metric keys are glyph-wide. If you need an exception for a specific master, use a double equal sign ==.

In G1, having an exception for a layer is more difficult and not always immediately visible, because it does not apply the double equals strategy. You first have to set metric key, which is used glyph-wide, then, in another layer, you overwrite the metric key, which is then only used for that layer.

And you can set multiple metric keys at once in Font view.

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danke, mekka : )

Hi there! I feel like I’m missing something really basic – how do I select multiple glyphs at once and then assign them a metric key? I can see how to do it for kerning groups, but not metric keys. Above, you said we can set them in Font view??

It should be possible. Try the following:

  1. Go to the Font View (Option-Command-1).
  2. Select multiple glyphs.
  3. Edit the value on either side of the H in the lower left corner of the window (as below, like where it has =O (60)).
  4. You may also need to run Glyph > Update Metrics (Control-Command-M) or add the Option key for all masters.

Hope that helps!


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Oh my GOSH, that was so simple. Ughh, I totally forgot about that panel on the side. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Jeff!!!

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