Metrics problem

[Glyphs 2.6.4 (1280)]

Hi! I have a problem with my metric keys. For my base glyphs (the ones to which I refer from other glyphs) I use e.g. “=10”, to make sure the app warns me if I move a glyph by accident or I change something in its components which affects the sidebearings.

Recently I noticed the app started to ignore such equations in some instances – if I shift the glyph, the sidebearings shows “=10 (-10)” but doesn’t highlight it as incorrect nor updates it if I choose to update the metrics.

I attached a .glyphs file where this happens. I tested it on two different machines and two different Glyphs versions and the problem persists. I believe there’s something wrong with the file?

I would really appreciate any help and I hope I’m not missing something here. Thanks!

test.glyphs (8.3 KB)

I fixed it.

Thank you Georg! I’ll wait for the update.

Hello Georg,
I’m on the latest cutting edge version, but still having problems with this. The right metric key is set to -10, the actual value is 0, but Glyphs doesn’t update it nor highlights it in red.

Weird thing – this works for most of my glyphs.

Thank you.

Can you send me the file?

I just realized – this only happens if the value after the equal sign is a negative number.
Test.glyphs (6.8 KB)

Thanks for the reminder. I had fixed that in a different branch but it didn’t make it into release.