Metrics Scope affect FontView

Hey !

I prefer to set scope to Ascender to not show it in Uppercase.

But when set, it broke Glyph preview in FontView.

Capture d’écran 2023-02-14 à 10.29.30

Is it possible to ignore the scope for displaying glyphs in FontView?

You really need to have one set of the default metrics without a filter. Otherwise the font will break, not only the preview in Font View.

So it’s not possible to use scope on default metrics ?

Metrics with filters are not used for the actual font. So by adding a filter you basically remove it from the font.

I understand, so there is no way to hide Ascender Alignement Zone on Uppercase without breaking the font

Making the Ascender Alignment Zone visible in Uppercase is very confusing when Ascender and Cap Height alignment area overlap.