Microsoft and Family Naming

Hi there! Sorry, this seems to be another naming question.
I am working on an expansion for a typeface from Normal width to Condensed and Narrow. Everything works fine on Adobe programs but not so great in Microsoft. (I did read the tutorial about naming I even used the script Font info script and added the custom parameter Compatible Name Table). But I get this in Microsoft apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). There is a separate folder for Condensed and Condensed Bold, Narrow and Narrow bold and these weights are missing from the actual family.

Anny suggestions? Thank you!

Mac Office, I assume?

Which strategy are you following now? Are you setting Typographic Family Names?

Not sure the compatible name table parameter will help here.

Yes Mac Office, forgot to mention that. Yes, I’m using Typographic Family Names, I wanted to split the family in 3 submenus – Pro, Condensed and Narrow. This is the Narrow regular for example.

What exactly are you trying to achieve? All of them in one folder or separated by widths?

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So far the best I could achieve in the Word menu was: A Pro, A Narrow and A Condensed. But A Condensed and A Narrow Regular and Bold are missing and they appear in a separate folder called A. I’m fine with separate folders by widths but I don’t get the folder only with Condensed, Condensed Bold, Narrow and Narrow Bold. As far as I could research this is something related to how Word is doing the widths mapping.

If I remember correctly, Mac Office tries to “interpret” the names when grouping fonts, but sometimes fails while trying. You could try to rename the width name to some abbreviation that Office doesn’t recognize, like “Cond” instead of “Condensed”.

Thank you for the suggestion and sorry for the delay, I was traveling. Unfortunately I could not make it work… The best acceptable is to have a separate folder in Word with Condensed Regular,and Bold and another one with Narrow Regular and Bold.