'Mid-caps' Interpolation Process

Hi All

I’d like to add a second size of small caps in my current typeface to offer more Cap+Small Caps title settings.

I have my uppercase and small caps. I’d like to create an in-between size (‘mid-caps’). I’m assuming the best way of making these is via an interpolation which would also calculate appropriate spacing and kerning values.

So, is the simplest method to:
-Make a temporary new master for the Uppercase and one for the small caps, (giving each size the same glyphs names)
-Interpolating the midcaps in a new instance
-Rename the mid-caps glyphs and paste them into the original font?

Not sure if this is correct. Any help much appreciated.


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I’ve also wondered about this. What would be really nice would be to be able to interpolate a midcap (or any other sizes) from two source glyphs (uppercase and smallcaps for example), and keep the interpolation live so that changes in those sources are reflected in the resulting glyph.

Another way might be to paste the smallcap into the background, put an uppercase in the foreground and just run the transformations filter to interpolate between the two. Not sure which way is going to work most efficiently for a full set of glyphs.

The coolest thing, of course, would be to put the paths into smart glyphs, and then use them as smart components in petite caps, small caps, mid caps, and caps.

Or, the quick and dirty way: you duplicate the small caps, rename them appropriately, move the drawings to the background, then special-paste the caps into the mid caps, and then interpolate between foreground and background with Filter > Transform > Background.

Thanks very much @Bendy and @mekkablue
I’ll try the Transformation technique for now. Does that also interpolate the spacing and kerning?

Thanks again

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No, for some reason the background layer can’t have its own metrics. Sorry, I didn’t think of that.