[mini] select bug in 106

After a couple minutes using beta 106, select doesn’t select all items
can’t remember happening before.

1-shift-drag to select several elements
2-copy them
only some elements get copy-pasted

All of them get copy-pasted

attached file:
select.glyphs (10.7 KB)

The problem is not the selection but the copying. When you Opt+drag, the off curve nodes are not selected. And that path with only the oncurve nodes selected is not copied. Select the path with without the Option key works

The two paths are the same, just flipped.
If I run Correct path direction, option-select works, selects everything, including the one in the left, and can copy-paste them.

exactly, if I option-drag them they are selected.
I can move them, but can’t copy them.

*scratches head *

The problem is that you can copy partially selected paths. So for this particular configuration it fails. Has to do with the starting point.