(Minor) "Generate Glyphs" buttons don't seem to work

[0.3.13 on Snow Lep]

Typing separate characters in the “Generate Glyphs” field does work, but pressing the various buttons do nothing … I suppose they should either create empty glyphs immediately, or (preferred) fill the field with the glyph names for that selection.

It sounds like a real useful function! (Seeing it, I also would like to be able to save and retrieve “user default sets” beyond the current possibilities… But now it can be done with a simple copy&paste out of a TextEdit doc.)

(Also minor)

Entering “a b c” a second time adds the glyphs even if they already exist. Perhaps a warning would be advisable – or perhaps a warning per duplicate in the glyph overview list.

It seems the program has no problem at all working with same name glyphs, which can be A Good Thing because the designer can create different versions of a same character. On the other hand leads to problems when testing text and exporting to a font (i.e., what character is going to end up in the file).

To the first post:
The buttons were meant as the possibility to generate groups of glyphs. You now can do this with the context menu (right click) on the language names in the sidebar of the font window (the lines with the badges). In the resulting window, you can select what glyphs you want to generate.

The buttons in the generate glyphs dialog will be removed.


Hello Georg,
I’ve noticed that the automatically generated glyphs are not made of components but they’re simple vectors.
That means that if I create a letter, than I generate the accent versions, and than I change the original letter, I will be obliged to delete the generated letters to re-generate them again.

It would be more comfortable to make it automatic.

Update : I’ve saved , closed and reopened my font file and now I see the accented words as components…
Can’t explain why

This should work as it works for me. Does it also happens it you add other glyphs in the reopened font?