(Minor) Number of glyphs per language

[0.3.13 on Snow Lep]

“Show count of existent glyphs in the language groups and the missing glyphs on right click”

It doesn’t for Cyrillic (the Extended field) and for a number of other languages.

I know about the missing glyphs. I have to add them to my glyph info data base.

Will fix this.


If you like I would be happy if you can help me compile a list of unicodes for the missing languages.


From Wikipedia: :slight_smile:
Cyrillic Extended A (2DE0…2DFF) and Cyrillic Extended B (A640…A69F)

“Arabic” is a bit more complicated. It seems some characters are shared: 06D5, for example, is listed on Unicode.org as “ARABIC LETTER AE • Uighur, Kazakh, Kirghiz”, and other characters in these languages appear scattered through the Arabic basic set (0600…06FF). The Extended Arabic set (0750…077F) contains “miscellaneous” characters – as few as only two additional ones for Torwali.

(See http://unicode.org/charts/ – although it deals with scripts rather than languages. FWIW, I agree with your use of “language” rather than “script”, inasmuch it sounds a bit more obvious to the casual inter-linguistic typograph.)

Perhaps you could start with Unicode basic blocks, then assign single characters to the defined languages and throw everything else in that block into an “Other” tab, similar to the Library section?

Many Thanks, I will have a look at this recourses.