Minor suggestion: saving with Info open

When multiple Glyphs files are open at the same time, when hitting Cmd-E to export, it appears Glyphs assumes I intended to export the instances of the last active font window, even if the actual active window is the Info window of another file.
Here’s an example that might clarify: I have a file for roman and a file for italic open. I open the Info dialogs of each, say to copy some custom parameters from italic to roman. Once I’ve pasted them into the roman Info dialog (which is thus active) I hit Cmd-S and Cmd-E to save and export. But Glyphs does not save and export the regular font as I’d expect. I think the Info window should “count” as indicating which font file to use for saving and exporting.

Could that be related to the frontmost window issue? When you switch to other apps and come back, the last active window is at the back of other window(s).