Misaligned components in instances

Today’s mystery:

As you see, in the masters, the top bar is anchored to the body and automatic alignment is enabled so things can’t move. In the instances, however, I’m getting all sorts of weirdness in lots of these letters. Is it something to do with using upper plane characters? I can’t set the glyph info for the top bar as script = pallava (it’s a non-exporting glyph_ although many of the other glyphs have pallava set as the script.

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Pure preview bug. It exports correctly, right? Known problem. On our list.

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Haven’t exported yet! It also shows up when I have the show interpolations plugin on.

Yes, the plug-in uses the same underlying algorithms as the preview. Imprecisions with nested components containing brace or bracket layers.

I’m experiencing component parts that misalign in the instance preview. Decomposing makes everything align properly. On export everything aligns correctly either way.

Is this the same issue or am I doing something wrong here?

Can you send me that file?

Have just sent. Thanks @GeorgSeifert.

That is caused by the Transform Filter in the instances. They sometimes are messed up in the preview. I’ll have a look.

But that is a good example that you should not mix components and paths. It is better to have a slash as a component, too. And connect them by anchors.

Hi Tedwards,
Thin slash appear misaligned look at the counters.
You need to move slash to right direction until look centered.

Ah ok. Thanks for taking a look. I’ll take your advice on not mixing components and vectors. Didn’t realise this was problematic.

Thanks for the heads up. It’s still very mid work-in-progress stage despite my note about correct alignment. You are right about those counters though.