Misplaced kerning script

I used to have a script that would generate the kerning groups’ names
It went like UC_ or lc_ etc.
I fiddled around with the folder and can’t find it anymore
Anyone has an idea who made it or what it’s called?

I know it may be a rude question and not of much help, but why do you want to name your kerning groups like that? Just name them “a” for a and “A” for A. You don’t need UC/LC, you can just use A and a. There’s a script called Set Kerning Groups in the mekkablue scripts. Do you have those?

no offence taken!
I think I like it better because it’s more descriptive
I also remember that it creates families that make more sense to me (but maybe it’s just a feeling not based on any rational justification)

In the end, technically, it doesn’t really make that much of a difference, although convention is generally to use glyph names as kerning group names. It’s also easier to see what kind of shape your putting in classes when they’re called H, A, o and n – especially for right kerning groups. Anyway, as I mentioned, the mekkablue script Set Kerning Groups does this wonderfully for you, if you want, you can use it and afterwards use the mekkablue script Find and Replace in Kerning Groups to add _lc and _UC to respective kerning classes (although, I will reiterate, I really don’t recommend using that style). Hope that helps!