Missing Characters in KN

U+0C80 and U+0C84 are missing under Kannada group
U+0C80 was introduced in unicode 9
U+0C84 was introduced in unicode 11

Thanks. I added them

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When would we get the software update?
I don’t see any update yet.

Under the character group, in the list of the characters.
We have the names of the characters.
Is it possible to see codepoint, instead of the names?

Not so fast. I fixed it in my code. Will update in the next few days.
For now, you can manually add two glyphs candrabinduSign-kannada and siddham-kannada. They will get the proper treatment, soon.

example in the character list, can we see u+0c80 instead of candrabinduSign-kannada
and u+0c84 instead of siddham-kannada

Is it in some settings?

also could you please update Vedic Extension U+1CD0…U+1CFF to the latest version.

The Unicodes are not shown for the missing glyphs. But once you have the glyphs in your font, the font view will list the unicodes for them as well.

I am talking about the existing codepoints.
when we click on each group, we are presented list of characters, matras,…
Can it be displayed with Unicode Codepoint, instead of names?
can I use my own set of names?

Code points are only half useful. There are lot unencoded glyphs in the sidebar. So those can only be accessed by name. And if you have your own naming, you most likely have a different idea of what extra glyphs you need. So I recommend that you set up your own sidebar entries for the scripts you are working one.

But why do you use your own names? That diminishes the usefulness of the automatic feature code so it is much more work then building your own sidebar entries.

I want the feature file generated follow AGLFN convention.
also, create my own feature file.

But, I will try out the automatic feature code in glyphs also.

Why do you need the glyph names in the feature file to match the AGLFN? As long as you have a matching glyphOrderDB file to go with it you are fine.

So if you still need to use your own names , make sure that you have a custom glyphData to define the Script, Category and Subcategory. So Glyphs can at least generate the kern and mark features.