Missing dots


I’ve just been editing a font and I noticed that when I export the font it doesn’t have any dots on a lower case " i ".

is this a known issue?


can you check if the path of the dot is closed?


I’ve just checked and yes it’s closed. When I export the font it appears fine in Font Book but in any Adobe application the dot is missing.


Font renders correctly when used in a browser via font-face

This is probably a font conflict. Remove the fonts out of Font Book and restart. To evade cache issues, use a different family name and export your fonts into the Adobe Fonts folder.

I took a look at your dots. It’s not a good idea to have a closed path consist of only two nodes. Take your Pen Tool § and Shift-click on path path segments, so you get something like this:

Also, make sure your path directions are correct. In Font View, select all glyphs and choose Layers > Correct Path Direction (Cmd-Shift-R).

Perfect! Thank you.

WIll definitely be recommending the app to anyone that asks as the support is great :slight_smile: