Missing Glyphs when exporting

Hey! I have a few questions,
I have tried everything I know, and I just cant get my New Glyphs to be exported. Æ, Å, Ø, æ,å, ø and my puntuations .,-;:?!
Furthermore my I dont know how to add the spacebar
And last, when I export it wont rename my font, so it keeps on calling it the same, and there is a mistake in the J, that wont go away, even though I want to save it as something else
Can you please help? Thanks?

How do you know they are not exporting? How are you testing your font; are you using the Adobe Fonts folder? Read this please:

The screenshot shows that you already have a glyph called space, or do you mean something else when you say ‘spacebar’?

I do not understand. What does the name of the font have to do with the J?
What should be renamed when exporting?
If the font does not show changes you made, it may be a font cache problem. Read this please: