Missing image in article "Spacing"

There is an image that doesn’t show in the “Spacing” article Spacing | Glyphs.
My browser (chrome) downloads the file when I click “Open image in new tab”.


Interesting. That is a JPEG 2000 image. And Chrome doesn’t seem to support it. Safari shows it without problem.
We’ll fix it.

Done, thanks for pointing this out. While I was at it, I updated a few things in the tutorial, including a discussion of available plug-ins and scripts.

Thank you, good plugins for spacing and kerning cannot be encouraged enough!

When I click the link to Huerta Tipografica Letterspacer (glyphsapp3://showplugin/Huerta%20Tipografica%20Letterspacer) I get a popup in Glyphs with a hyperlink to a website that doesn’t work: https://www.typotalks.com/videos/ht-letterspacer-everything-you-always-wanted-to-know-about-automatic-spacing-but-were-afraid-to-ask/

Seems like the Typotalks website has gone off air. Will update the link. In the meantime watch the video here:

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