Missing IPA glyphs

In Languages>Latin>IPA, it would be good to include ascript (U+0251), ascriptturned (U+0252), tonebarhighmod (U+02E6), and a couple others. Is this forum a good place for reporting such missing glyphs?

Code points for phonetic symbols:

(the rarer symbols are at U1D00 and U1D80)

AGL names:

— Sascha Brawer, sascha@brawer.ch

both are there: they have a different name: alpha-latin, alphaturned-latin

If we add the tonebarhighmod, shouldn’t we add the other tonebars, to0?

Yes, the tone bars ˩ ˨ ˧ ˦ ˥ (02E9 02E8 02E7 02E6 02E5) should be in the IPA group.
The ⱱ (2C71) should also be added, it was adopted as a new IPA symbol in 2005. See https://www.internationalphoneticassociation.org/content/full-ipa-chart
Many modifier letters or diacritics (and letters with middle tilde) should be in the IPA group as well since they are in the 2005 IPA chart.

modifier letters (002E 007C 02B0 02B2 02B7 02BC 02C1 02C8 02CC 02D0 02D1 02DE 02E0 02E1 2016 203F 207F 2197 2198 A71B A71C):

  • rhoticity ˞
  • aspiration ʰ
  • velarization ˠ
  • palatalization ʲ
  • lateral release ˡ
  • nasal release ⁿ
  • labialization ʷ
  • pharyngealization ˁ
  • linking ‿
  • ejective ʼ
  • primary stress ˈ
  • secondary stress ˌ
  • long ː
  • half-long ˑ
  • minor foot group |
  • major intonation group ‖
  • syllable break .
  • upstep ꜛ
  • downstep ꜜ
  • global rise :arrow_upper_right:
  • global fall :arrow_lower_right:

double diacritics (035C 0361):

  • double articulation U+035C and U+0361

diacritics (0300 0301 0302 0304 030B 030C 030F 1DC4 1DC5 1DC6 1DC7 1DC48 1DC9 0303 0306 0308 030A 0318 0319 031A 031C 031D 031E 031F 0320 0324 0325 0329 032A 032C 0330 0334 0339 033A 033B 033C 033D):

  • tones (alternates to tone bars): low U+0300, high U+0301, falling U+0302, mid U+0304, extra-high U+030B, rising U+030C, extra-low U+030F, high rising U+1DC4, low rising U+1DC5, rising falling U+1DC8 — and Unicode also has low falling U+1DC6, high falling U+1DC7, falling rising U+1DC9
  • nasalization U+0303
  • centralized U+0308
  • short U+0306
  • advanced tongue root U+0318
  • retracted tongue root U+0319
  • no audible release U+031A — alternatively ˺ U+02FA is sometimes used since many fonts have poorly designed U+031A
  • less rounded U+031C
  • raised U+031D
  • lowered U+031E
  • advanced U+031F
  • retracted U+0320
  • breathy voiced U+0324
  • voiceless U+0325 (also U+030A when above)
  • syllabic U+0329
  • dental U+032A
  • voiced U+032C
  • creaky voiced U+0330
  • velarization or pharyngealization U+0334
  • more rounded U+0339
  • apical U+033A
  • laminal U+033B
  • linguolabial U+033C
  • mid-centralized U+033D

Since U+0334 is a combining overlay diacritic the following were added to Unicode as well: ᵬ ᵭ ᵮ ᵯ ᵰ ᵱ ᵲ ᵳ ᵴ ᵵ ᵶ (1D6C 1D6D 1D6E 1D6F 1D70 1D71 1D72 1D73 1D74 1D75 1D76)

The deprecated ʤ dezh and ʧ tesh are in your IPA group, that’s fine since they are still common. You probably want other deprecated symbols ʣ ʥ ʦ ʨ ƥ ƭ ƈ ƙ ʠ that are as common or those that are more rare (like U+1D70…U+1D9A). One might want non standard symbols (like ɿ ʅ ᴀ) that are quite common in some contexts.

One might want to have some of the extIPA symbols as well, see https://www.internationalphoneticassociation.org/sites/default/files/extIPAChart2008.pdf (0021 002A 00A1 029E 02A9 02AA 02AB 02AC 02AD 02EC 02ED 02F3 0305 0332 0346 0347 0348 0349 034A 034B 034C 034D 034E 0362 208D 208E 2191 2193):

  • dentolabial U+0346
  • alveolar U+0347
  • nareal U+034B
  • labial spreading U+034D
  • strong articulation U+0348
  • weak articulation U+0349
  • whistled U+034E
  • sliding U+0362
  • denasalization U+034A
  • velopharyngeal friction U+034C
  • intermediate sounds U+0305 and U+0332
  • bilabial percussive ʬ
  • bidental percussive ʭ
  • velopharyngeal fricative ʩ
  • fricative lateral alveolar unvoiced ʪ
  • fricative lateral alveolar voiced ʫ
  • reiterated \
  • ingressive airflow ↓
  • exgressive airflow ↑
  • pre-voicing/post-voicing ˬ
  • devoicing ˳
  • partial (voicing, devocing) ₍
  • and ₎
  • unaspirated ˭
  • velodorsal articulation ʞ
  • sublaminal lower alveolar percussive click ¡
  • used with ¡ for alveolar and sublaminal clicks !
  • sound with no available symbol *

@GeorgSeifert, any chance to extend the IPA category in Glyphs.app? See @moyogo’s list of missing glyphs earlier on this thread.

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Done. (at least I hope I got all from the post).

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Thank you!