Missing Letters after Font-Export

Some letters don‘t show up after I exported the font, even if they are there in the Preview and in the Text-Tool.
I found a workaround

Could you send me the .glyphs file and the .otf with the missing glyphs?

Has there been a solution found?

jk1 Can you send the .glyphs file to me as well? mekka at my username dot com.

I’m having something like this problem in Glyphs Mini: I’m making a font with only capital letters, and I realized that I should have the lower case with the same glphs as the uppercase, so that it would appear right in a font menu.

I made a lowercase with component glyphs, and made each letter a kerning class so the kerning would work the same for both. Having exported though, all the ‘lowercase’ letters are blank.

Can you send me the .glyphs file? mekka at my username dot com

I took a look at your file but couldn’t find any issues with it, some paths had the wrong orientation (I recommend you select all glyphs and choose Layers > Correct Path Direction). It also exports just fine for me.

Which versions of Glyphs and OS X are you using?

I’m using Glyphs Mini 1.03 (21) from the app store on 10.8.2. The fixed version behaves the same way.

I can reproduce it in Glyphs Mini. I’ll file a bug report.