Missing RMX Tuner shortcut

After installing the latest version of RMX Tools for Glyphs 3 I no longer have a shortcut for RMX Tuner. If anyone else having this problem?

There might be a conflict with another plugins. You should be able to add the shortcut back in Preferences > Shortcuts.

Do I need to restart to activate the custom shortcut?

In case someone stumbles across this topic as they have the same problem:

What seems to work reliably is to explicitly set a different shortcut for “Tidy up Paths” (this is the menu command that has Cmd+Shift+T by default in Glyphs 3, and it seems to be causing the problems).

Then adding Cmd+Shift+T for the RMX Tuner should work as you expect.

My RMX Tunner is missing at the Glyphs 3, I try to restart the glyphs, but the Rmx tuner still missing. What should I do? Thanks

Only the Tuner is missing or all RMX tools?

Only the tunerr

Which exact version of RMX (and of Glyphs) are you using?