Missing some kerning pairs in Microsoft Office


There are some missing kerning pairs in Microsoft Office like for example Aa, Av, Aw, Ve, and the list goes on. Everything works well in Adobe apps.

Can anyone help me with this?
Thanks a lot.

Did you turn on kerning in Word? Can input post a screenshot of the Font > Advanced Panel?

Testing on Microsoft office 13. With this setup the font manage to work well in Microsoft office 19 for the kerning.

@mekkablue But with this setting it doesn’t work in Microsoft Office 13.

You mean it is not working in old versions of Office? That may be because it used to not support GPOS properly.

Hi @mekkablue

May i know how can I solve this problem?

Thank you so much.

In order to help you, I would need my question to be answered. Do I understand you right that it does work as expected in the current version of Word. It just does not work in an old version of Word. Is that correct?

Hi @mekkablue


Possible that the old version of Word requires an (old-style) kern table. Newer fonts use the GPOS table for kerning. There is a custom parameter to force-export a kern table. However, I recommend to ignore the old Word version.