Modifier letters cannot take combining marks?

In the combination gᵘ̯ʰ, I cannot get the mark feature to position the inverted breve below correctly, even if all parts have corresponding anchors. Is there any technical limitation I’m not aware of?

What is the caregory/subcategory of the superscript letters? And can you check where they show up in the GDEF table (open the features.fea in the temp folder).

Category: Letter. Subcategory: Modifier. Yes, umod is in the GDEF table.

(Unrelated problem: My exported files don’t use the production names. “umod” should be “uni1D58”. I’m using Version 2.3.1 (899))

But in what category. In Base or mark.


Could you send me the .glyphs file?

File is sent.

Any news on this?

The version from last night should fix it.

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