Modify Images path location

Need to move a glyphs file to another location., just in a subfolder in fact.
But now all images appear with the broken images icon.
I tried to drop again the file but it doesn’t just relocate the image, it import as new and so I have to redo the scaling and positioning of the image, which is a lot to do for all glyphs were I have already done this.
I understand that the way you expect it, I should have done the folder images next to the glyphs file, but unfortunately I didn’t think about it at the beginning and have just drag from finder without thinking it could cause problems.
So is there a way, a parameter to just tell the glyphs files in the new location, to correct the path to the images without loosing all the work ever done ?
If I put the files back to the original location, images appear, so I think it’s just a relative path problem but I don’t know how to deal with it. The images haven’t change location, just the glyphs files but as I see it, it would be better to move the images also to the folder. But the problem for me is to having to redo the positioning and scaling of all the images.
Thanks and best regards

Can you open the file from the original location and Save As… to the new (instead of moving the file in Finder). That should take case of the path.

There are images scripts in my repo. Also one for relocating.

I first think, it had worked this way as the images still appears after the save as. But closing the file and reopening make them disappeared. So, I don’t think the path is properly updated that way.

Thanks. The script work just fine. Adjust Image Alpha is also really useful to me.

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