Modifying an existing Font

I am an absolute beginner and I really hope this is not a way too stupid question…but I couldn’t find out for now how to do that.

I want to simply expand letters by scaling them down on the y-axis. I would like to apply “scaling” to every every glyph, so I dont have to repeat the same step over and over again.

I know this is not the fine way of working, but I would like to do this.

Is that possible?

Just simple scaling? Don’t need to change the font for that. You can do that in any layout application.

Or do you mean offset the curves? Then select all glyphs and apply a negative y value in the Offset Curve filter. Is that what you are looking for?

No I really just want to extend the font by simply scaling it. But I don’t want to do that in a layout application. I want a .ttf file out of it.

My problem is, I want to scale (extend) the hole fontpack (every letter, number, symbols etc.) in one step.

For example I want to use “Arial.ttf” and simply make it a lot wider, by just stretching it.

B.t.w, I know this looks horrible, but that is not the point :wink:

  1. In the Font Tab, select Categories: All.
  2. Cmd-A to select all glyphs.
  3. Open the Palette (Cmd-Opt-P)
  4. In the Transformations section, open the lock.
  5. The first value is x scale, the second one y scale. Put in your scale values (e.g. 100/0).
  6. Hit the Plus button for the scale to take effect.

If you want to scale down, please note that the Minus button is the reverse of what the Plus button does: so, for scaling down half, use 100 as the value and the Minus button.

Man, that is easy! Thank you very very much for your help! Great support!