Monospaced - sinf sups dnom numr - Generate from source - "keep advanced width" missing


Hi Tim,
I was just trying to generate all the alternate numbers
for a monospaced font using the scaler.
I tried to use “Adjust spacing” in the scaler to compensate for the loss in width,
but it leaves me 1 unit off. Even if I muck around with comma values…

So i was wondering, since there’s a function “fixed advanced width” in the tuner,
wouldn’t it be useful to have in the scaler as well?

another surpise is that after using the scaler on monospace numbers i get variation in the total widths of the glyphs aswell. from originally 740, with adjust spacing to compensate i get varying results of 737 738 and 739 …

also noticed generate from source overwrites possible kerning classes that i might have setup for the dnom and numr