Monterey (?) bug: hidden layer/master switcher (+ temporary workaround for other affected users)

Hi guys,

I’ve just found a UI bug which likely comes from the interaction with the brand-spanking-new macOS Monterey.

Basically, the layer/master switcher on the main toolbar gets obscured by the filename/proxy icon, …

… at least until the window is put into fullscreen mode:

It will stay visible until the file is closed and reopened again, even after leaving fullscreen mode, which is a decent workaround for the time being:

Thank you for your attention!
All the best,

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We’re aware of the issue. I believe there may be a fix already that’ll appear in a future version of Glyphs.

Another possible workaround: resize the window to the minimal size and then back to the size you want.


Ahh, yes, it does indeed work, and seeing how when using your method, the switcher appears after the filename+proxy icon jump to their age-old, centred spot atop the toolbar, it just seems to confirm that the issue indeed lies with Big Sur/Monterey’s implementation of consolidated title/toolbars.
Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll still stick to my method (I’m running Glyphs on one biiig screen :wink: ), but it’s also good to know the issue is already flagged.