More than 9 weights?

I want to have a font with ten weights. So I have multiple masters and then I created ten instances. But my question is this:

For each instance, I have to choose a weight class from the drop-down menu. Each weight class has a number associated with it (100 through 900). Because there are only nine different numbers and I want to have ten instances, am I supposed to re-use one of the numbers? For example, both Black and Heavy are assigned to number 900. Can I have a Black and a Heavy? (Actually, I have already exported this and I know I can…) But if I do have one of each, how do I get them to sort properly in font menus, so that if my Heavy instance is lighter than my Black instance, Heavy comes before Black in the list? Or is Black just always going to come before Heavy and I should swap them so that my Black is lighter than my Heavy?

And then there’s a second related question:

I also have italic versions of all of these. In my italics file, I have my instances all set up the same and then I have them all linked so that Regular Italic is the italic of Regular, Heavy Italic is the italic of Heavy, etc.

In font menus, all of the styles show up properly linked and in the right order except for the ones that share the number 900. I’m going to include a screen shot so I can show what I mean. Heavy and Heavy italic are linked in the font info panel (the “is the italic of” stuff is filled out), but they’re separated on the list because it seems to be showing both the 900-weight regulars and then both of the 900-weight italics, despite the style linking. Can I do anything about that?

The steps 100, 200, …, 900 are suggestions from the OpenType specification, but you can use any value from 1 to 1000 for the weight class:

Thanks, Florian. How would I do that in Glyphs, though? The drop-downs are already set — how can I change them?

You can also edit Weight Class and Width Class manually.

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Oh, wonderful! It never would have occurred to me to try to type in that menu box. Thank you so much for your help. Problem solved!

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