More than one 'dot' in a glyph name

Was informed recently that this is a bad — due to Acrobat not being able to decompose glyph names… is this true and how should we handle multi feature glyphs like etc ?

As far as I know, Acrobat is only interested in the part before the first dot. Where does your information come from?

Someone in type production — not Adobe or anything.

There is nothing wrong with more than one dot.

My question is related, and I didn’t want to start a new thread just for this… So I have a special set of figures, designed for all-caps: a little wider, taller, spaced looser. It’s enough to name the respective glyphs just with .case, or should it be used like this:,, etc? Thanks!

The you can use whatever glyph names you like. Only if you like to use the automatic feature code generator, you need to stick to certain rules. Depending if you “case” feature comes before or after the “lnum” feature, you either need “.case” or “”.

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If it works, it works. Though, technically, case is only for punctuation. It is not unthinkable that an app will ignore figures because it’s unexpected.

Actually that is what .lf is intended for.

Thanks for the additional clarification! So do you suggest to implement the “special figures for titling/all-caps” lf figures as a stylistic set (instead of .case)?

You could do both. Make it a lookup in case and call the lookup in ssXX. That way it will work with the all caps button in InDesign and most similar apps, and still be accessible in other apps.

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thanks, thanks!