MouseScroll Up/Down

In any contextual palette where there is a numeric value field, it would be nice to have the respective MouseScroll Up to increase value by 1 and MouseScroll Down to decrease it. You can also throw in a Shift Modifier to increment the value by 10.

Many people are already used to this behavior from Adobe Products.

*Current Speed-bump - Increasing the value of Rotate or Slant (in palette) by keyUp or keyDown disables the window and you have to click it again in order to increment again. This behavior is not noticeable in Scale field box.

fixed it.

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this doesn’t work for me. If you select a text field in Indesign (CC 2015) and scroll, nothing happens.

hey Georg,

First off great work on GlyphsApp.

As for the question at hand, I reckon the fix will be present in the next release. Is this correct?

Regarding ID, I am not sure this works there, but for sure works in AI/PS. All in all, I feel it is a nice little feature to have.

Here is a screencast.