Move `DisplayStrings` into separate file for .glyphspackage

Maybe this is not a good idea in terms of file-format stability, but I would love to remove the DisplayStrings value from the fontinfo.plist and move it into a separate DisplayStrings.plist (or UIState.plist) file when working with *.glyphspackage.

This would allow to ignore the UI-state file in a version control system. When committing patches, only meaningful changes to the font itself would get tracked without the noise of ever changing display-strings.

This is currently possible by staging only certain chunks of the fontinfo.plist, always leaving the chunk for the display-strings unchecked. Possible, but not supported by all Git tools, can be forgotten easily, and just sufficiently clumsy that I have stopped to do it.


  • move DisplayStrings into a separate file (for *.glyphspackage)
  • if the file does not exist (legacy package), look in fontinfo.plist or assume empty list of display-strings
  • fontinfo.plist now no longer contains frequently changing UI-state
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That makes total sense.


Wow, that was fast! Thank you for implementing this feature. Somewhat ironic that you did this for me because from now on I will ignore the feature :‌)

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