Move only one anchor handle

Simple question from a newbie - how can I just move one anchor handle while the handle on the other side of the node stays unaffected? Thanks

Double-click the node that the handles are connected to or select it and press Return. This will turn a sharp node (blue square) into a smooth node (green circles). See the Drawing Paths tutorial for a demonstration:

This is a live sample.

Thank you both - specifically I am wondering how to only grab one handle on an already curved point and move it freely. In the live video etunni attached it looks to only extend in or out along the given trajectory. Illustrator allows for this feature and I would like to find it in Glyphs. Thank you

For that, convert a smooth node (green circle) to a sharp node (blue square). Double-click the node or select it and press Return. This is also covered in the Drawing Paths tutorial linked above.

Thank you