Moving many layers into a single glyph

Glyphs is not really meant for this workflow, but still, perhaps you can help me with a better solution:

So, I’ve created a color font that uses in total 62 layers over 10 masters, and for debugging I’ve built it up out of different glyphs (perhaps not the best idea). Now, as proof of concept, I want to merge all layers back into a single glyph file. I’ve been copy-pasting the first one, which went perfectly fine, but now the layer list is getting quite long, making it hard to keep an overview.

Also, when you create a new layer in an existing master, it of course adds it at the bottom of the layer list. Logical if you do real work, but for now it involves a lot of dragging the layer to the correct order.

Am I approaching this the wrong way and is there a better way to move layers from other glyphs into another? (perhaps it would be best to start with a blank file, setup the color layers in the proper order and afterwards start pasting in the nodes?).

I don’t really understand the setup. Why do you have 10 masters and each has so many layers?

Oh sometimes I don’t know either, but as noted in the first line: I know Glyphs isn’t meant for this.

Perhaps I should have phrased my question as:

  • Is there a simple way to move layers across glyphs beside pasting, with the ability to choose at which level they are inserted
  • Is there a way to insert layers into a glyph that isn’t automatically placed at the bottom of the layer list.

In the meantime I did it by hand, but an answer to the questions above could still be helpful!

Oh and if you are interested in why I needed so many layers and masters, I can send you the example :wink:

I still don’t understand what you are trying to do. It might help to suggest a better solution.
From what I know it would be a good job for a small script.

Yeah I perhaps should invested into trying to force a script to do my work, will keep it in mind if I plan to expand the project!