Moving object removes handlebar angles

I have a student who has created cupped serifs as objects. When she moves the object, it deletes the angles in the handlebars, and makes them horizontal. Any thoughts would be great! Thank you!

What do you mean by as object?

What’d our describe sounds like the on-curve nodes are green (smooth connectors) where they should be blue (corner connectors). Select the green points and press return.

Read the Edit View chapter of the handbook for more details.

Thanks! By as objects I just mean that, for instance, if she drew a foot serif with a cupped bottom, when she moves it, the handles for the cupped area (which are angled) automatically jump into a horizontal position each time the foot serif is moved. Sorry its hard to describe :slight_smile:

Did you check the smooth setting (green nodes) before you move. You should set them the sharp (blue nodes).