Moving serif warps all other serif shapes simultaneously

Hi everyone,

For some reason when I just barely move a serif or try to adjust its handle, all my other serifs get affected and change their entire shape. They become warped. this happens with components. Newbie glyphs user here, any advice of how to stop this would be greatly appreciated. Video linked for reference: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

I assume the serifs are separate paths leaning against the stems? One of the node types is wrongly set to a smooth curve point (green) when it should be a corner point (blue). Choose Paths > Tidy up Paths to correct them all at once.

Power user tip: Consider corner components for the serifs. Search for it on the learn page.

Hello, thank you so much for responding, I just got the notification for this response. I tried reading over corner components and tried to do it but nothing happens. The corner components tutorial has only text directions, I tried finding a video on it but could not find a single one. Is there any way you could provide a screen recording of doing one in action? That would help me greatly, I appreciate the help.