Moving zeros in percent glyph

I have built the percent and perthousand glyphs from components. They look fine in Indesign and in PDFs. When printed the zeros on the right get moved all the way to the left. Whats wrong here? I can’t figure this out.

Printed from which app?

TTF. Printed from InDesign

  • Which kind of hinting?
  • What happens if you decompose with a PreFilter and include:percent

Direct Write. But I removed it in this glyph but that didn’t have any effect.
I am not familiar with prefilters. Will have to look at this. Thanks.

Sorry to keep asking. I can’t find anything about prefilter. Could you please give me a hint where to look for it? Thanks.

The Prefilter is a custom parameter in the instance settings.

Can you send me the final .ttf and the .glyphs file?