Multi-line Name Table Entry

I have a Name Table Entry as a Custom Parameter in my font, and i’d like it to be multi-line. In fact it is multi-line, it’s just hard to type, edit, or browse in this form, because the textbox to edit it in the Glyphs 3 Info Panel is a single line. Can we fix the text box please?

My particular case is Name ID 19, Sample Text, but i think it would be pretty common for ID 0, Copyright, ID 10, Description, and ID 13, License Description.

Sample Text requires newlines to appear in Font Book properly. And that works, it’s just fiddly to edit in Glyphs.

Yes, this is currently not ideal. You can edit the text by copying it into an external editor like Text Edit and pasting the modified text back into Glyphs.

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You can also add multiple Name Table Entry parameters for each new line, of course specifying the entry number every time.