Multiple Alternates for one glyph?

what have i to do if I want different alternate glyphs for an glyph.
If I have only one I wrote for calt: sub W by W.alt01;
But how can I use sub W by W.alt01; sub W by W.alt02;


How do you like the select the glyphs in Indesign?

I assume your two alternates are stylistic variations?

Then calt is not the right feature for what you want to do (it is for automatic contextual substitution).

Working with salt would be more appropriate but it will only allow for one alternate per character.

ss01 and ss02 (two separate features for your two alternates) is probably the best solution in your case if my assumption is right.

Ideally, include ss01, ss02 and salt in order to maximise application support (thinking of Illustrator and Photoshop).

Glyphs automatically copies ss01 into salt by default.

If I have an altering glyph and an altering accent, and want to combine these two, how can this be done within opentype.

In older versions of glyphs, I had .ss01.ss04 as ending, and it would generate it correctly in the features. In the current version (2.3) this does not work out somehow…

Can you be more specific? Which glyph and which accent? You mean Mark-to-mark positioning? If yes: Why would you need multiple suffixes for that?

I’ve fixed it for now an found out, that it actually does the programming correct. There’s just certain cases, where it won’t show the ot-feature in edit view.

just to be specific, for ex: I have an alternate dieresis and an alternate w. So there need to be four variations of this:

  • w + dieresiscomb
  • w + dieresiscomb.ssXX
  • w.ssXX + dieresiscomb
  • w.ssXX + dieresiscomb.ssXX

I now set it up as wdieresis.ssXX.ssXX and it will generate correctly in the features…

You do not necessarily need to precompose all four variations.