Multiple brace trick layers causing unexpected results

I have a font with four masters (condensed light & black, extended light & black) and I am wanting to use the brace trick to finesse the intermediate instances.

If I create more than one Intermediate layer, the second interpolates in a very unexpected way.

Is using more than one brace trick in a font unsupported?

Depends on where you put them. What are your master values, and what are your brace layer values, what do the masters look like, and what instance value does the instance have where it looks weird, and what does it look like?

The instances i am creating are set to be between the light and black of each of the width pairs.

So, the first intermediate I create has the same width value as the masters either side, but a bisecting weight value.

When I try and do the same for the wider masters I end up with this:

Both created using the ‘Re-interpolate’ function. The weight is right, but the width is totally wrong.

If I disable/delete the first intermediate layer, and re-re-interpolate I get this

Which is correct.

But the preview window won’t use the brace layers’ info at all if they are both enabled, and when it’s just one I get interpolations like this happening:

and moving points in the brace layer seems to have the opposite result to what I’d expect (nodes moved extremely to prove point):

Hopefully that’s enough info to look into it? I’m happy to provide .glyphs files

We need screenshots of the master setting and the layer panel.

Of all the masters, or just one?

That happens if the resulting interpolation is actually an extrapolation. All.

Fixed it. Now you can have more than one Brace Layer.

Don’t bracket layers only work in fonts with a single interpolation axis? Or was this changed?

Brace layers work with more than one axis if they are between two other masters.

Brace, not bracket.

In the Change Log of Version 2.0.1 (742) was announced that the bracket layer trick is already supported in the preview of glyphs with component. I thought that the brace trick would have been supported too. But today I checked that the brace trick is not showing the intermediate layers in components. Nevertheless the brace trick is working in components on the exported fonts.

The following image is from Version 2.0.1 (751).